Entry Three.

Time flies when you’re so busy with a baby. I haven’t had much time to myself. I’ve not read my book in over a week, I had a bath on Sunday night for the first time in ages, my nails and eyebrows have totally been neglected and so has my exercise regime. I need to get my life sorted out. The hardest part is the exhaustion. It is dehabilitating. I regularly look forward to bed time by midday. Very tempted by caffeine tablets right now. Lord give me strength.


Entry Two.

It amazes me how babies learn so quickly. One day Morgan is static in her Jumperoo, playing away with the roller and the bug thing and overnight she’s learnt to jump and bounce around like the energizer bunny! It will be nice to be able to eat dinner in peace now. Her progress amazes me and I feel so proud. I’m sure I won’t be saying that when she can crawl and we have to baby proof the house and watch her like a hawk. I also want her to stay my baby forever. They grow too fast. 

Entry One.

I’ve been meaning to diarise for a while. Basic tasks become much trickier with a baby and it hasn’t seemed to have gotten any easier now that she’s 4 months old. Life as a mother is very underrated and I myself am guilty of thinking that stay at home mothers, or even working mothers have an easy task. Being a mum isn’t a cop out by any stretch. You have to live and compromise so many aspects of life but it is all worth it. There is no love like a mothers. Only mums can understand that. I wanted to document my life as a mother from the word go so I could reminisce in years to come but motherhood has dictated otherwise (see crying child in the photo above). I will write my motherhood history at a later date and hope that I can remember the details.